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Yellow Day celebrations for KG

Yellow Day celebrations for KG

On 23rd August, our Kindergarten students celebrated "Yellow Day," a vibrant day dedicated to exploring and understanding the colour yellow. Our young learners enthusiastically embarked on a journey of discovery, identifying a plethora of objects that boast this sunny hue. From fruits such as pineapples, lemons, and mangoes to the radiant sunflowers, the sun, and fluttering yellow butterflies, the list was extensive. Other mentions included wasps, bees, school buses, and various birds that adorn the colour yellow.

The hands-on learning experience was enriched when students crafted representations of these yellow items in the classroom. Using their artistic skills, they painted these creations,bringing a burst of yellow into our learning space. But it wasn’t all about observation and crafting. The students joyfully sang rhymes centred on the colour yellow, swaying and dancing to their melodious tunes. Excitement was evident as they eagerly spoke about each yellow item, sharing facts and observations with their peers.

Furthermore, our young scholars were introduced to the nutritional aspects of yellow. They learned about Vitamin C, an essential nutrient predominantly found in yellow fruits, understanding its importance for our health.The day;s celebration reached its zenith when the students planted a yellow Celandine plant in the school garden. This act not only emphasized the importance of nature and gardening
but also left a lasting yellow memento for the entire school to appreciate.

In conclusion, Yellow Day was a resounding success, fostering creativity, understanding, and appreciation for the myriad wonders associated with this beautiful colour.

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