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Student Testimonials

I personally think that this school promotes innovative thinking and encourages creativity. The teachers here help us understand all the concepts clearly. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is good, each of them teaches with care. My school has a huge playground, where I can play various outdoor games. Also we have separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT.
Grade 10, IGCSE

There are innovative teachers and students in this school. The teachers and other staff are very kind to the students. The Principal is very kind and gentle. Teachers are teaching very well making us understand the concepts. We can easily understand the syllabus and they allow us time to understand each subject.
The management is good and they are handling the school very well. The lab and library is very good. Classrooms are big and spacious. The rest rooms are always clean and well maintained. This is the best IGCSE School.

Grade 9 IGCSE
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