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Talent search and green day

Talent search and green day

The occasion of Green Day was commemorated on the 7th of July 2023, in an educational manner, aimed at imparting knowledge about the significance of the colour green and its positive impact on our lives. The campus brimmed with a variety of engaging activities, including insightful speeches, poster creation, colouring exercises, and collage work.

Eye-catching charts and drawings showcasing the best attributes of the colour green were prominently displayed on the bulletin boards. The young participants, adorned in striking green attire, exuded enthusiasm, and contributed to creating a pleasant, harmonious, and invigorating atmosphere.

Active participation in this vibrant event undoubtedly instilled in them a sense of vigour, vitality, and freshness. Notably, the highlight of the celebration was the involvement of young commentators, who wholeheartedly came forward with enthusiasm and confidence to deliver concise speeches on the significance of the colour green.

The presence of various shades of green in the environment evoked a feeling of freshness, excitement, joy, and contentment. Furthermore, it encouraged contemplation on how the colour green has the power to energize and revitalize our lives. Overall, the experience was truly invigorating, revitalizing, and rejuvenating.

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