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Picnic At CS GRAND Resort Dharmapuri

Picnic At CS GRAND Resort Dharmapuri

Picnics make our existence smooth and take us out of our daily routine. Moreover, picnics tend to bring out the best in us. We are able to enjoy physically as well as mentally too.

Picnics are fun because they inspire a sense of mindfulness. Moreover, they bring out our inner child and allow us to have a relaxing time with nature. Picnics will never get old as everyone needs some time off from their daily lives.

Our middle and high School students enjoyed visiting CS GRAND resort Dharmapuri. It was fun over loaded adventurous and an awesome experience to cherish lifelong.

Children learnt about Team building, leadership ability, resilience power and how to stand alone and face hurdles in their day to day life and come out like a Phoenix bird. Enjoy the pictures.

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